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Willie wrote a book: The City of the beast by James Williams

Good afternoon everyone!

After much time and effort, I finalized my book, edited it into an Ebook format and sent it flying away into the harsh reality that is the universe we live in. You can find it on

As a bonus, I have included my favorite scene from the book below. Love it or Hate it, let me know.

Caymo began to walk slowly towards Lord Larson, the air around him shimmering with arcane power. With each step Karowin’s smile deepened until he was grinning like a mad man.

“You stand here, bathed in arcane power, hiding behind a shield of magic called from beyond. You think I am alone?” Karowin asked with sincere nonchalance. “You do not realize the state of things all around you.” He clapped twice and the guards around the room who were standing at the ready turned to the men next to them and delivered surprise attacks, blades cut, bolts flew and men died all around.

“Your men have turned coat, have changed allegiances and now you face an army! Your own army!” Karowin cackled with laughter. “Give it up and you may yet live through the night. This city is mine!” he roared. City bells rang out with an unfamiliar rhythm, most certainly not one of the watch signals. “You hear the bells? Listen to them! All around the city men are killing each other in our names, though I suppose many have already died in surprise, without warning at the hands of their fellows.”

Karowin walked around the edge of the table and stopped, less than an arms-length from Caymo. They stared at each other for only a moment before the Lord-Regent pointed a finger and loosed a torrent of white hot fire, setting the table ablaze all around them. Wolfsbane and Vina drew back from the vicious heat that would surely reduce Karowin to smoldering ashes.

Slowly the flames died and Karowin was kneeling, his face towards the ground as the smoke coiled around him. To Vina’s amazement, he began to laugh. He began to laugh mockingly and rose to his feet, dusting a bit of char from his clothes. Quickly she realized that his fancy clothes were gone, replaced by a suit of dark black leather, covered with tiny blue veins as if it were the flesh of some still living beast.

Then she came to the sudden realization, it was the flesh of the Aerrajian, made into a suit of armor. Caymo stepped back, gasping for breath after exerting a vast amount of arcane power. Beads of sweat covered his brow and his eyes looked sunken and dark.

“Caymo old friend, did you really think I would not have prepared for your wrath?”  Karowin barked, closing the distance between them.

“Magic has its limits and you are getting old.” he shouted loudly as he swung his fist hard, planting it solidly in the center of Caymo’s face. Sound exploded like a thunder crack and Caymo flew backwards like an arrow loosed from a bow. He crashed through two armed men leveling them like trees before an axe.

Caymo had barely slowed before crashing into the wall with a bone shattering crunch. He collapsed in heap of flesh, limp as wet noodle.

“Caymo!” Azura screamed with terror. She struggled harder against her captors but they held firm. Stygian made eye contact with Vina who gestured a rapid succession of hand gestures. Move. Low. Five.

He put it together quickly. He counted to four then stomped down hard on the toes of the man who held him from behind. He yelped in pain and Stygian ducked as low as he could while the other men struggled to keep him held tight.

Vina smiled. With a twitch of her arms, two perfectly balanced throwing knives fell from her sleeves and into her palms. Both of her hands shot forward at the same time as her feet, which were already moving into a sprint. The men, still holding Stygian did not even see her move until it was too late.

The first dagger hit the man on the left directly in the ear canal, he collapsed without even grunt, dead instantly. The second man fared better, or worse, depending on how you look at it. The blade stabbed through his cheek and carried on through to the other side of his mouth erupting through his other cheek.

Blood sprayed as the man screamed in agony and Stygian saw his opportunity. He reached out and grabbed the hilt of the blade piercing the screaming man’s face and yanked as hard as he could. The blade ripped open both sides of the man’s mouth and took a part of his tongue as hot blood sprayed across Azura’s face and fancy gown.

The screaming man fell backwards, cupping his face as if trying to push the blood and bits back into his face. Stygian turned the blade and drove it straight into the last man’s inner thigh, twisting as he removed it and stabbed again. He felt hot blood soak through the back of his breeches as the man loosened his grasp.

Stygian did not waste a moment though and gripped hard to the man’s arm, pivoted and dropped his weight, twisting the heavy soldier over his back. Blood sprayed into the air as the man flipped over and slammed into the ground.

Two of the men that were holding Azura let go and drew their steel swords, advancing to attack Stygian before he could gain his footing. Stygian rolled inside the first swing, driving his shoulder into the man’s solar plexus, staggering him. The move had left him dangerously exposed and he knew it.

He turned and saw the blade plunging towards the center of his chest, knowing immediately that the blade would dig deep and the wound would be a killing one. He tried to turn but there was little chance for him to dodge. He saw that gleaming tip inching closer to his heart as if time was moving at a creep.

Stygian caught a blur out of the corner of his eye and suddenly the blade tip was flying away, held by an arm that was no longer attached to the body of his would be murderer. Stygian planted his foot and dove forward, wrapping his arms around the man and drove him to the ground.

He grabbed the collar of the man’s armor and drove his face into the bridge of his nose. It shattered with a wet crack and more blood sprayed in Stygian’s face. He drew his head back and slammed it again into the man’s face, then again and again until the man’s face was more pulp than ugly.

“Whoa, whoa little man, I am pretty sure he is dead” came Wolfsbane’s voice. He grabbed the back of Stygian’s dark blue vest and hoisted him to his feet. “Gladys barely saved you this time young master, a second later and it’s your blood that I’d be standing in.” he said as he stomped over to recover his large battle axe.

The man still holding Azura backed into a corner, still holding the knife to her throat. “Stay back motherfuckers or I kill this bitch!”

“Let’s all just calm down and perhaps you leave here alive, you cowardly cocksucker” Said Geoffry with a bit of bravado. “Let the girl go and you can walk away from here, no questions asked.”

“What? How can I trust you?” the man asked.

Azura winked to Wolfsbane and he noticed the rat she kept in a special pocket in her gowns, climbing up the arm of her dress.

“You cant ya idiot, but it’s really your only option. You kill her, we kill you, and then the whole thing is wash for everyone. So just let her go and you walk, or run, out those doors and never look back.” Wolfsbane replied, being earnest as he could while buying as much time as he could for that damn Rat.

Gwinette the rat scuttled up Azura’s sleeve, her tiny manicured clawed piecing the fine fabric with ease. “I told you how much I hate that pocket Azzy. It was so hard to climb out” Gwinette said to Azura through their telepathic link.

Azura sent a wave of irritated disapproval with a gentle hint of humor. “Please just bite this man’s eyes out or something, I would prefer it if he let me go. His breath smells like a corpse left to rot in the sun.”

“I have tiny legs and your arms are so long!” Gwinette squeaked as she reached the top of Azura’s shoulder.

“I do not think so! I am going to walk out of here and once I am away..” the man was interrupted by Gwinette as she scrambled quickly, scurrying across the length of the man’s arm and leaped directly into his face. She scratched and bit and the man fell away, grabbing at her. He pulled at her hard and her claws and teeth pulled away with skin and blood still attached to them.

He screamed and attempted to throw Gwinette but Azura had already released the spell she stored in her ring and he froze, every muscle held in place, his face bleeding steadily though his expression was a gnarled mask of rage.

Azura walked over and flicked her captor in his damaged nose, grabbed Gwinette and and turned away. She paced away with a cruel smile on her face. “You damaged my dress, you atrocious man.”

She snapped her fingers and the man burst into flames, acrid smoke filling the air in the hallway before the double doors to the hall. The man fell to the floor screaming and writhing as his body burned to a pile of ashes.

“Shit…” said Stygian “Remind never to spill pudding on your dress ever again.”

“Do not worry brother, you still owe me money so I would not kill you until you paid me every last Copper Crown.” Azura said jokingly to her brother.

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