Tom Clancy's The Division - E3 2013 Xbox One

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Preview – E3 2013 Game of Show

So who brought an extra pair of shorts to this review? I did, because I just jizzed in my pants. This years standout title from E3 to me and many of my friends is the new IP from Tom Clancy and Ubisoft named The Division. The theatrical style trailer got me excited and the gameplay trailer sold me on pre-ordering it from Amazon. From the graphics to the story, everything about this game screams fun and excitement. So a quick rundown of the details we have so far.

tom-clancys-the-divisionThe world is in a bad way as a super virus tears through society completely destroying our way of life. Chaos spreads quickly as society devolves into pure survival. The coolest thing about this story is that this is not a “Post-Apocalyptic” game but has been explained as a “Mid-Crisis” game, where there is the possibility of recovery. The world has not ended, but its damn close. From the gameplay trailer I wasn’t sure that I would be able to play solo but Ubisoft says that it is definitely a game you can play alone, though in any FPS type game, the true strength is in numbers.

thedivision-streetviewOne of the most amazing things that stood out while watching the game play trailer was the intricate details of the bullet holes that appeared in real-time. According to Ubisoft, using their custom Snowdrop engine they are able to accurately create bullet holes in different materials based on trajectory, weapon caliber and many other variables. It blew me away watching the player in the demo reel as he ducked behind a car as the windows were peppered by bullets before shattering.

the division UI MapI know I sound like I am making a mountain from a molehill but it was a great example of the power of the next- gen of consoles. The second coolest thing was the third party devices that allow players to jump in and provide support if they are away from their console. In the demo, a player brings in a drone and shreds some targets with a hail of bullets, then used his infrared camera to “tag” the enemy making them easier to find and kill. Boom. Brain exploded.

After watching all of E3, I would say that it is the title I most excited for, though Thief and Titanfall also stood out high end competitors for my money.

Hype Meter 95%
Final Thoughts

Hot Damn, I cant wait for this game. I will be feeding news about this game to everyone as I get it. I say game of show.

Overall Score 95%

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