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The Evil Within – Nightmares are Real – Preview

The Evil WithinWhen this game was first announced it was a real mystery with only a cryptic and terrifying trailer to tease at what they had in store. As more and more details were released and high quality screenshots emerged, it seems we have a new contender for the horror genre king.

This game is written and directed by Shinji Mikami, the mastermind who brought you Resident Evil 4 and worked alongside Suda51 in Shadows of the Damned. The game is being developed by Tango Studios and published by Bethesda Studios and will be released in 2014, shortly after the release of the Next-Gen consoles in November. The opening of the game stars Sebastian Castellanos, a police detective who has the unlucky job of investigating the disappearance of some fellow officers at an abandoned mental asylum.

The Evil WithinAfter his arrival he finds a massacre and watches a feed from a camera that shows several more officers firing at a yet unseen enemy, who also die gruesome deaths from a mysterious translucent figure. The dangerous creature appears behind our hero with an arm raised to strike, then the scene cuts away and resumes with you hanging in a meat locker, surrounded by dismembered and disfigured corpses. After a few moments a hulking monstrosity of a man like creature stalks into the room and hacks at one of the corpses, release torrents of blood which spills gratuitously onto the floor.

After the butcher drags away the corpse and begins hacking it to pieces on a nearby table, game-play resumes allowing you to swing back and forth towards a body with a knife protruding from its chest. Once within reach, you grab the knife and cut yourself free and can try to sneak away, only to find the door is locked tight. A surprise buzzer sounds and you cower for cover as another body slides from a chute into the room, drawing the attention of the monstrous killer who walks to retrieve the latest hunk of flesh revealing a set of keys.

The Evil WithinAfter a tense moment you can recover them, using them to unlock the door and escape, only to set of some kind of invisible alarm on a walkway above the butchers pit, who promptly gives chase after firing up a gruesome looking chainsaw. This of course leads to a very tense chase sequence that ends in a scripted sequence where you are hurt and trapped in a room of whirling blades of death that are slowly closing in as you limp your way out, narrowly escaping certain death.

You exit the deadly corridor only to be greeted by a dilapidated room filled with beds and dividers. There is another sequence of cat and mouse with the butcher but you manage to escape outside, once again to come to a sudden realization: Something is very, very wrong. The world outside has inexplicably changed to a wasteland with shattered streets and destroyed buildings.

This game looks to be both terrifying and expertly built to exude tension and fear with every twist and turn. Keep this on your radar as it is shaping up to be one of the definitive titles of the first batch of next-gen games.

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