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Take your Turn – A Look at the Best Turn Based RPGs

This is a list of my Favorite turn based RPGs. I am sad to see this form of game fall by the way side. I understand why, it is a new generation and turn based just does not hold the attention of players like it used to. They want a more interactive experience with action and excitement. I loved these games because of the epic world saving story. Don’t get me wrong games have proven you don’t need turn based RPGs to make an engaging narrative, but there is something about a rag tag of adventures against impossible odds that I love. Now this list is numbered but, I hold everyone of these near and dear to my heart. All of these games are amazing and it took me awhile to whittle it down with 13 with so many good games out there.

13.Lost Odyssey:


This is the newest game on my list but I think it deserves a place. I am gonna spend a little more time on it then the rest since I know it wasn’t wildly popular. You take on the role of an immortal named Kaim a true immortal he cannot die no matter what. Which makes for an interesting mechanic. If Kaim or any of your other immortal teammates die 3 rounds later they will stand back up. You also get mortals on your team and the immortals can watch and learn skills from them as they are unable to just learn them by leveling like the mortals can. I like the story but my favorite part is the memory fragments. As you play the game your immortal starts to remember and some of the stories they tell are compelling… man that first one makes me cry every time.

12. Final Fantasy 1:

Story wise the plot is thin. Warriors of Light got to beat the baddie, but what this game brought the ability to play whatever team you wanted to build. Rolling with four White Mages was one of my favorite things to do. It is a classic game that needs to be on this list because it really played well it was fun and interesting, and as a kid I played it a lot. If you missed it the first time on the NES you should pick it up for the PSP, Gameboy Advanced or even the iPhone.

11. Breath of Fire 3:

I loved these games, and the third one with it’s art style and, the way they did the dragon transformations and the story all were top notch. The story is cool and has one of my favorite things. A time jump. It is really cool to see characters grow up and change.The fishing mini game, the master apprentice system and the dragon gene system were all slick. Turning into all sorts of different dragons setting people on fire. It is just a good time all around.

10. Pokemon Red/Blue:


Pokemon! The childhood staple. I chose red and blue because these two are probably where most people started out. 150 monsters to collect including evolved forms. When I first played this game I don’t think I really even knew what the story was about other then becoming the Pokemon master and catching them all. Now that I am older and have played it again that is all the game is really about which is still fun! People will never look at tall grass the same again!

9. Final Fantasy 7:


Everyone has played this game and most people love it. The story engaging and fun and the the graphics really popped and showed what it truly ment to be a next gen game. This game was the first Final Fantasy to have full blow cinematics. The story was great, the characters developed and had personality. It had love interests and watching Aerith die was brutal. Sephiroth was a great villain in the game you jumped between hating him and being in awe with how badass he was.

8. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance:


The Fire Emblem series is fantastic and Path of Radiance is my favorite. The characters are great and the story is engaging. The combat made a lot of sense and flowed very well. It was the first one to change the support system to something I really liked. You got stat bonuses based on the number of battles the characters had been in together. The fact that when a character dies in the game they die for good is always scary in these games but it adds an extra edge of caution and tactics you don’t usually see in these games. There are a lot of good games under the Fire Emblem name and I have played all but the newest one at this point. Which I really should pick up.

7. Disgaea:


This game oh man this game. If you have never played it and love Turn based Role-playing Strategy games you should pick it up. It is well written hilarious and just an all around great game with tons of replay-ability. You play as the Dark Prince Laharl on a quest to become the Overlord of the demon world. The game has a great level of comedy and the art styling is perfect for it. Add in cool things like the Geo Puzzles the ability to reincarnate your characters to level one with huge stats and things like the item world and you have a game you can pound hours of your life into.

6. Suikoden 2:


Suikoden is another staple of the RPG community, and 2 was probably the very best one ever ever. The main character in this game uses Tonfas which is cool in its own right.The story was great, and it had awesome mini games like cooking. A Castle you could build up and run. 108 characters you could get(like Pokemon for people!) It even had import data from the first one! Multiple ways to do battle there were regular combat, duels (super fancy rock paper scissors) and massive battles(again rock paper scissor but with support units and special abilities). It was a fantastic game this can not be overstated it did everything a sequel should do to improve on a game. If you missed this one download it from PSN and plaaaay it!!!

5. Final Fantasy Tactics:


The untold story of Ramza. If you want a deep engaging plot with great combat and a good class system this game is for you. This story was just engaging and really pulled you in. The combat was well done the battle system made sense, but the true shining thing in this game is the story. I can not say that enough. It pulls you in gives you characters you care about, the game is full of intrigue and plot twists. Another great game that should be played by any fan of a good story!

4.Chrono Trigger:


This game makes EVERY RPG list, and for good reason. It is interesting story and a complex game. You travel through time and collect members of your team from all over. Lots of cool things including co attacks. A bad guy that ends up being a good guy! Some of the coolest art styles, characters and settings. You go throw each of your characters and deveolp them through quests and learn their stories and history. Another very solid game that is a must have for any collection with SNES, PS1, IOS and DS versions it should be easy to get your hands on it.

3. Skies of Arcadia:


SKY PIRATES!! WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO SAY?!!?! no but seriously, this is a great game. Normal combat and ship to ship combat or ship verses fortress combat. It is fun. The main character Vyse is awesome and far from silent. He pumps everyone up and keeps the party rolling. Lots of little side things to do in this game and lots to explore. It is a fantastic game and I believe it is overlooked by a lot of RPG players the original was on Dreamcast and they remade it for Gamecube.

2. Final Fantasy 3/6:


I was really trying to keep it to the best game from each series but as you can see Final Fantasy has been mentioned a lot. That is because each one of the ones on this list really changed something in me with the way I look at RPGs. This game really hammered home characters and story. The characters are all well thought out and developed in this game. Kefka was a great villain in fact he was so good he actually won and destroyed the world! Then you get to go around the destroyed world collect your downtrodden team and try again!

1. Lunar The Silver Star Story:


Now this game is my favorite game ever ever. I did a huge review on this game in another article but suffice to say this game has my favorite villain of all time and one of my favorite stories. It is a straight up rag tag group kill the big baddie game, but the journey is fun and the characters are great.

9 comments on “Take your Turn – A Look at the Best Turn Based RPGs

    • DUShanks

      Yaaa… this list was hard to make everyone has their favorites if I had done my top 15 even Grandia would have been added…. I started at top 5 and well that was to hard so I made it 10 then I was like but what about these games. So I had to stop myself at 13

  1. Mike

    No Grandia? That is a damn shame, one of the best turn based combat systems available. Not to mention a great story and fun characters. Shadow hearts is another good one, that disc based combat system was hella challenging. OH! you forgot to mention Legend of Dragoon, a few people will nay-say it but it is an amazing turn based RPG. I gotta agree with you on FF: Tactics, one of the best damn stories in gaming.

    • DUShanks

      Ya I really had a hard time narrowing this down… There are a TON of great ones out there.. I could of added like another 20 more to the list and still had a hard time. These are just my favorites and what I consider the best of the best.

  2. Bad List

    So basically just another… “Best RPGs I have played” type list instead of what is actually best. Because way too many better games are not included in this listing.

  3. Cap'n

    Final fantasy is mentioned several times but no mario and luigi games? I know they’re not really deep but they have awesome battle mechanics

  4. Typhoon

    Where is Fallout, X-Com, Jagged Alliance etc? What is this? A collection of japanese manga games for little children. Please rename this list:

    “Best Turn Based RPGs for kids under 12.”

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