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Live Blogging – Major Facebook Product Announcement – Less than 40 Minutes away!

Facebook has a small team of engineers about to release details regarding a major product release. Speculators have made many guesses as to the product they are revealing: Could it be a new RSS reader to fill the void left by the demise of google reader? The addition of Video to Instagram?

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No one know for sure as the only material sent to tech journalists was a innocuous card that said:

“A small team has been working on a big idea”

We will be live blogging and tweeting the event as it happens!

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Watch the Event Live from Facebooks page.

Live Blogging in 30 minutes!

12:50pm – The event is starting soon, good buzz across the net.

12:56 pm – Lots of people voting that the release will be video instagram

zuckerberg1:08pm – Mark Zuckerberg is on stage talking about the small team of engineers

Instagramexec1:09pm - Instagram Engineer is discussing the Visual Imagery that Instagram hopes to inspire

statsstats21:11 pm – Discussing the statistics of Instagram – 16 billion photos shared, a billion +likes a day, 130 million users per month in under 3 years

videooninsta1:16 pm – The announcement is indeed Video Instagram

slide31:17 pm – Demonstration of Instagram Video – 15 seconds max video time

1:19 PM – HD COFFEE! Not really that impressive, but the filtering and sharing is indeed pretty cool.

Slide11:20PM – GeoTagging, Hash tagging, facebook and twitter share

 1:22PM – 15secs of HD video, 13 Filters, cover frames, facebook share, day one Android app, Web profiles for easy viewing

video stable1:24 PM – Wobbling video in action shots… Teamed up with Video Scientists to create CINEMA, video stabilization: MIND = BLOWN

slides21:28 PM – Event has ended with a wonderful video created by the Instagram staff and their families. Great showing.

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