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guest posting is fun

Salutations Dork Utopian!

Welcome to our website, a place that embraces freedom of expression in all its forms. We would like to invite you to become a guest author on our site. If you love writing original and creative posts on pretty much any subject you want, we are looking for you.

There are only a few rules here for guest posting:

  • All posts must be original content, no plagiarizing, no rearranging text from other sites. WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER!
  • Posts must be at least 500 words, but there is no upper limit.
  • Post content must be approved before you write, just to save us both a ton of heartache and awkward emails.
  • Have as much fun with it as you want. Be sarcastic, daring or even confrontational. No judgements here, be yourself
  • If you have your own site, we would love a mention linking to your article on our site.

The Perks

  • We will give you a permanent back link to your site, if you have one.
  • Feel free to link to related posts on your site in the article for even more back links
  • Shared traffic from a reputable site who hates plagiarism.
  • You will have our undying love and devotion, cross our heart!
  • We would be happy to return the favor anytime.

That about sums it up, so if you feel like exchanging guest posts or even just writing one of your own just fill out the form below with details about your guest post idea.

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